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Igor Mazepa

Ukrainian investment banker
CEO and Founder of Concorde Capital

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Igor Mazepa about Ukraine’s 2019 economic achievements and failures


Igor Mazepa, investment banker, CEO of Concorde Capital discusses Ukraine’s 2019 economic achievements and failures

Igor Mazepa , Ukrainian businessman and investment banker, financial expert, Concorde Capital CEO and Founder, discusses Ukraine’s 2019 economic achievements and failures.

If we talk about positive events, I would mention:

  • Cooling consumer inflation, enabling the National Bank to begin and intensify its monetary policy softening
  • Moderate trade deficit growth
  • The National Bank’s currency liberalization measures
  • The approval of a realistic budget for 2020
  • The new government having resist populist tendencies in forming expenditures, - says Igor Mazepa.

When we talk about negative events, I would mention:
  • Unfulfilled 2019 budget revenues
  • Failure of the new government to approve effective farmland market legislation
  • The absence of a clear policy on taxing individual entrepreneurs
  • The tricky situation surrounding PrivatBank
  • Intense pressure directed at the National Bank of Ukraine
  • Attempts to weaken the National Bank as an independent institution
  • The failure of large-scale privatization – summarizes Igor Mazepa.