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Igor Mazepa

Ukrainian investment banker
CEO and Founder of Concorde Capital

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Concorde Capital CEO Igor Mazepa about consequences of a new lockdown for Ukrainian businesses


Igor Mazepa, Concorde Capital CEO and Founder, shares projections about the impact of a new lockdown on Ukrainian businesses.

“The new lockdown that we will have in January 2021 will mostly hit businesses that have already suffered from previous restrictions: trade of non-food commodities, restaurant business, off-line entertainment industry, and sports clubs,” comments Igor Mazepa.

“The fact that public transport will operate under the new lockdown, unlike it was in the spring, means that the majority of companies and factories will continue operating, except businesses whose operations are directly banned by the new lockdown rules.

In general, the new lockdown will have the greatest negative impact on Ukrainian businesses that have already suffered from previous restrictions,” comments Igor Mazepa. “This is about the trade of non-food commodities, restaurants, entertainment industry, and sports clubs. It is highly likely that the new lockdown will finish off the companies that remained afloat after the previous quarantine. If their production and financial performance were critically low, the new two-week downtime would be fatal for them”.

There is also a positive moment in the upcoming lockdown: we know its terms and conditions in advance. This can help businesses adjust their operations in the coming weeks and predict (and estimate) their losses,” comments Concorde Capital CEO Igor Mazepa the impact of the new lockdown on Ukrainian business.