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Igor Mazepa: How the presidential elections results can affect Ukraine’s relations with international creditors


I suppose that we won’t see the next IMF tranche in May (as it was planned), regardless of the results of the second-round runoff of the presidential elections scheduled for April 21, 2019. Ukraine has fulfilled too little of what has been promised to the IMF. That doesn’t mean that our relations with the IMF will worsen.

Regarding the effect of the presidential elections results on the investment climate in Ukraine, we, at Concorde Capital investment company, suppose that:

  • If Poroshenko wins the presidential elections, political uncertainty will be eliminated and that will positively impact the investment climate in Ukraine.
  • If Zelenskiy wins, political risks will remain, more likely than not. But much will depend upon who will join Zelenskiy on his political team. For example, Alex Danylyuk and Aivaras Abromavicius are very positively viewed by foreign investors.
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