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Igor Mazepa

Ukrainian investment banker
CEO and Founder of Concorde Capital

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Igor Mazepa, investment banker Concorde Capital CEO and Founder, is establishing the Mazepa Awards to reward world-changing technology companies and people who invest in innovation. The organizers are moving to make this the biggest event in the world of technological investments in Ukraine.

During the launch Igor Mazepa said: “I’m happy to announce Mazepa Awards! Yes, I know, it sounds not very modest. But I think it's great to be responsible for the success of a business with your own name.

Why am I doing it? For 17 years, Concorde Capital has been attracting investments to Ukraine and helping businesses grow. During this time, we have developed our expertise, and we are well aware that the future lies with innovation. IT and technologies are the new gold and oil”.

“We have created a prize for those who invest a lot of money, a lot of ideas, and a lot of perseverance in the future of Ukraine”, - comments Igor Mazepa.

In total, we will select winners in 10 categories: Technology Company of the Year, Startup of the Year, Investor of the Year, Exit of the Year, Breakthrough of the Year, Innovator in Traditional Industry, Business Influencer, Missed Opportunity of the Year, ESG Champion, and Grand Prix.

We will present the awards on April 15th, 2022. See you at the Mazepa Awards!